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Thank you for choosing Papa’s Pizza Grotto. Our style is unique and is best categorized as Filippi’s Pizza Grotto type or style. My family opened Filippi’s Pizza Grotto in San Diego 1950. I learned my craft, passion and love of what we do as family through many long hours in the kitchen starting at a young age. In 2017 I was looking to open a takeout version of the food that is so dear to my heart. My Dad suddenly passed and the name “Papa’s” Pizza Grotto struck me very strongly within hours of his passing. Grief stricken I was coping with the idea of how my children were no longer going to be recipient of the gigantic soft heart their PAPA had for kids. My Papa, Roberto DePhilippis was as charismatic as they come. He was best known for his ownership of the Butchershop Steakhouse restaurants. He is the inspiration for the man in the suit used as our logo. We know there are many pizza choices, but I can proudly say few places serve the quality we do in the abundance we do. Because of our history, quality, freshness, and approachable pricing I can say with confidence we are a great value. Thank you for helping keep this tradition strong. Sergio DePhilippis

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